niedziela, 22 kwietnia 2012

Exclusive footage of Adnan Rashid, absconder from Bannu Jail, with Taliban

Adnan Rashid oraz 400 innych więźniów zostało uwolnionych z pakistańskiego więzienia  Bannu 16 kwietnia 2012.

He has been shown talking in Pashtu with his hosts in these words:
Qari sahib, how are you? How is your health? Are you feeling well.”
A jubilant Rashid looking all around from his car’s window replied; “Alhamdullah (All praise to Allah) all is well.”
Have you won your freedom from the prison, another militant poses a query to which Adnan nodding his head again says “Alhamdullah (All praise to Allah).”
Another Taliban fighter asked Rashid, how much time did you spend in jail?  Adnan Rashid replied “Eight years and four months.”
“I was convicted to death,” he added

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