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♫ Sweet Noise & Anna Maria Jopek - Dzisiaj Mnie Kochasz Jutro Nienawidzisz - english translation

You don't want,

You don't understand.
What I say, You don't accept.
You stand aside, I am in amok.

I am a thought, the thought is a word,
I am propulsion, the thought is a reason
that I am, that I live.
I eject paranoia, which is hide by mind.

I have nothing for you but myself.
I don't have two faces, I am not you.
I cannot amuse to pain.
Son of a bitch, you won't crush this wall with your head.
I heard this words a hundred thousand times.

I don't want understanding, uplifting,
illusion of existence, empty adoration.
I am who I am, I am not going to be different.

With you, without you, decisions made
You are waiting for messiah, for miraculous salvation .
Your rebellion in TV .
Your glamour and revelation.

Today you love me, tomorrow you'll hate me.
Today you desire me, tomorrow you'll ashamed of me.

This is my scream, my voice, my life.
In those words I want to hear biting of heart.
Never ending signal is the beginning of the end.
Human plant - the dieing thought.

It last voice, it's what I feel,
not for you, I cannot bear.
Without anesthetic I sew myself .
I am loosing strength, I feel I am loosing.

Today you love me, tomorrow you'll hate me.
Today you desire me, tomorrow you'll ashamed of me.

I am falling, without protection.
Nobody's waiting, I cannot see my shadow.
I don't know more than before.
Answers for question, that I never known.

Why loneliness is always so close,
always when I am so down?
I think and feel, again thought fly away.
Can you hear as mind restlessly works?

Today you love me, tomorrow you'll hate me.
Today you desire me, tomorrow you'll ashamed of me.

You are so appealed by rebellion and provocation.
Kill son of a bitch, he doesn't fit here.
Not needed part of sick evolution,
seed of chaos, dream of revolution.

I know as eks died, Lennon, many others.
World looks for victims, world was looking for guilty.
I know as eks died, Popieluszko, many others.
World looks for victims, world was looking for guilty.

A broken flowers live alone,
all of you are gonna be touched by the flower.
A broken flowers live alone,
all of you are gonna be touched by the flower
A broken flowers live alone,
all of you are gonna be touched by the flower
A broken flowers live alone,
all of you are gonna... wind... once...

Today you love me, tomorrow you'll hate me.
Today you desire me, tomorrow you'll ashamed of me.

I heard those worlds one hundred thousand times.
I saw her smile, on her bitch's face
and middle finger in this direction.
She was splitting on me, I am not talking about respect!

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Did Abbas, Dahlan conspire to murder Arafat?

Did Abbas, Dahlan conspire to murder Arafat?



By Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

In an impromptu news conference in the Jordanian capital, Amman , on 12 July,  Fatah Secretary-General Farouk  Kaddumi revealed that Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas and former Gaza strong man Muhammed Dahlan conspired to murder Yasser Arafat in connivance with Israel and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Kaddumi disclosed that Arafat had confided to him the transcript of a secret meeting involving Abbas, Dahlan , US intelligence officials as well as former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The meeting allegedly took place in March 22, 2004.

According to the document, whose authenticity couldn’t be verified independently, Sharon told Abbas and Dahlan during the meeting  that Arafat should be killed by way of poisoning.

The transcript showed that  Abbas protested, saying that murdering Arafat could complicate things and cause serious difficulties.

The Arabic version of the transcript showed Sharon saying the following to Abbas and Dahlan: 'To start with, we should kill all the military and political leaders of Hamas, Jihad, al-Aqsa Brigades and the Popular Front in order to create chaos within their ranks which would make it easier for you to finish them off.'

Sharon then allegedly responded to a suggestion by Dahlan to first abide by a 'period of calm' by saying:

'As long as Arafat is still sitting in the Muqata'a in Ramallah, you will definitely fail, because this cunning fox will surprise you all, as he has done in the past, because he knows exactly what you want to do and he will work to make it fail.'

Sharon then added the following: 'The first step therefore should be to poison Arafat and to kill him. I don't want to send him into exile unless there are guarantees from the country that will take him to place him under house arrest...'

Later on in the transcript, Sharon allegedly mentions the names of senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders to be assassinated, including Abdel Aziz Rantisi, who was murdered  by Israel  on April 17, 2004.

The document presented by Kaddumi doesn’t spell out the ultimate Israeli-American goal behind the liquidation of Arafat and the top leaders of the resistance. However, it is probably safe  to deduce that endgame envisaged  behind the alleged conspiracy  was the creation of  a collaborationist Palestinian regime whose central mission and raison d’etre would be to bully the Palestinian masses into  accepting  a “peace deal” with Israel that would allow the latter  to impose its will and conditions on the Palestinians.

Kaddumi is an important figure in Fatah, and it is difficult to dismiss his revelations as hallucinations as his opponents have done.

Non the less, it is hard to indict Abbas based on these revelations. However, it is also difficult to grant him a certificate of innocence, because Abbas is not beyond suspicion and is certainly not an impeccable figure.

I remember I spoke with Sakhr Habash, a close confidante of Yasser Arafat, two days before the latter’s death, who told me that he was 100% sure that “they killed him.”

I pressed him to identify the killers, the people he was referring to. He said “you know them, these people around him, the agents of Israel .”



While one is prompted to speak cautiously about Abbas’s alleged role in poisoning Arafat, that is if indeed  the late Palestinian leader  died of poisoning,  one feels freer and more confident to speak about Dahlan’s not-so-secret treacherous  dealings with the Israelis and the Americans.

A few years ago, I remember I listened to a secret audio-taped briefing by Dahlan to some of his supporters at the al-Hurriya Radio in Gaza .

In the briefing, Dahlan was heard swearing to make Hamas regret the day it decided to take part in the elections of 2006.

 “I will make them eat..expletive.., and if any Fatah guy dares participate in the Hamas government, I will know how to deal with him.”

Dahlan made more horrifying remarks which one would prefer not mentioning because of their poor taste.

In 2008, the American magazine “Vanity Fair” published an extensive investigative report titled “How the Bush Administration Lied to Congress and Armed Fatah to Provoke Palestinian Civil War Aiming to overthrow Hamas.”

The report pointed out that the White House tried to organize the armed overthrow of the Hamas-led government after the Islamic liberation group swept Palestinian elections in 2006.

Obviously, Dahlan was the would-be coup leader whose job was to destroy Hamas, arrest or kill its leaders in collaboration with Israel .

According to the report, the Bush administration lied to Congress and boosted military support for Fatah in the aim of provoking a Palestinian civil war they thought Hamas would lose.

Vanity Fair dubbed the episode “Iran Contra 2”-a reference to the Reagan administration’s funding of the Nicaraguan Contras by covertly selling arms to Iran .

David Wurmser, a Bush administration official, was quoted in the report as saying hat he believed that “Hamas’s seizure of power in Gaza last year might have likely been a preemptive measure against the anticipated US-backed coup.”

In light, there is overwhelming evidence that Dahlan brazenly collaborated with the Israeli and American intelligence services against his own people just as it  is amply clear that the current regime in Ramallah is collaborating, coordinating and conspiring with Israel to liquidate the resistance in the West Bank .

True, Abbas might argue that he played no part in plotting to murder Yasser Arafat. However, he and his regime in Ramallah can’t deny the fact that their security agencies, now trained and armed under the supervision of  the American intelligence officer Keith Dayton,  have been closely collaborating with Israel for the purpose of eradicating all resistance activists in the West Bank .

Indeed, the  recent killings in Qalqilya recently was a damning proof, if a proof were needed, that the PA regime is just another layer of the Israeli occupation.

This, coupled with the unmitigated inquisition of hounding, repression, arrest, dismissal from jobs, seizure and closure of institutions as well as  the rampancy of  torture which in  many instances lead to cruel death  demonstrates that the PA is working in concert with Israel to harm and undermine national Palestinian interests.

This alone, and irrespective of who poisoned Arafat, is sufficient to indict the present leadership in Ramallah for collaboration with Israel and  treason.

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Historia z Palestyny

kapitalistyczny wiersz o miłości

nie na chwilę, lecz na wieczność
(dla kapitalistów :
tniemy ceny na zawsze)

nie tylko w zdrowiu ale i w chorobie
(dla kapitalistów :
bez ukrytych gwiazdek)

poprowadzę cię za rękę przez mrok
(dla kapitalistów :
latarka gratis)

i zawsze będę przy tobie, by cię wesprzeć
(dla kapitalistów :
napój energetyczny pięć w cenie trzech)

bo cię kocham
(dla kapitalistów :
wpisać numer konta bankowego)

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"Dear friends, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen. What are the root causes of the US attacks against Iraq or the invasion of Afghanistan? (...)
Why, indeed, almost a million people were killed and injured and a few more millions were displaced? Why, indeed, the Iraqi people have suffered enormous losses amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars? And why was billions of dollars imposed on the American people as the result of these military actions? Was not the military action against Iraq planned by the Zionists and their allies in the then US administration in complicity with the arms manufacturing countries and the possessors of wealth? Did the invasion of Afghanistan restore peace, security and economic wellbeing in the country? "(M, Ahmadineżad 20.04.2009)

"In order to make the world a better place full of love and blessings, a world devoid of poverty and hatred, merging the increasing blessings of God Almighty and the righteous managing of the perfect human being, let us all join hands in friendship in the fulfillment of such a new world."(M.Ahmadineżad)

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Prezydent Iranu M. Ahamdineżad NIGDY NIE POWIEDZIAŁ : “Israel Must Be Wiped Off The Map” („Izrael musi zostać wymazany z mapy”)

Prezydent Iranu M. Ahamdineżad NIGDY NIE POWIEDZIAŁ : “Israel Must Be Wiped Off The Map” („Izrael musi zostać wymazany z mapy”).


”Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad.”

"The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time"

styczeń 2010

Portraits of Fahad Hashmi - MJI

Interview - Israeli Refusenik Yonatan Shapira

"Być bohaterem przez minutę, godzinę, jest o wiele łatwiej niż znosić trud codzienny w cichym heroizmie." (F.Dostojewski)

NANGAR KHEL - nie wolno zapomnieć...


powstrzymałbyś ich

gdybyś wiedział ...

czy gdybyśmy znali się

od dziecka
to nie zabiłbyś mnie
czy gdyby nasze matki
miały skóre w tym samym kolorze
pozwoliłbyś nam żyć

czy gdybyśmy mieszkali
na tej samej ulicy
nie zburzyłbyś mi domu
czy gdybym poprosiła
właśnie ciebie
odłożyłbyś broń

czy gdybyśmy siedzieli
w jednej ławce
nie zrzuciłbyś bomby na moją szkołę
czy gdybyśmy modlili się
do tego samego boga
nie torturowałbyś mojego przyjaciela

czy gdybyśmy urodzili się
w tym samym mieście
nie okupowałbyś mojego kraju
czy gdybym poprosiła
właśnie ciebie
odłożyłbyś broń

powstrzymałbyś ich
gdybyś wiedział

jak miałam na imię
kto był moją pierwszą szkolną miłością
i że miałam dwuletniego brata
że mój ojciec był cieślą
a mama do snu śpiewała nam
zawsze tą samą piosenkę

powstrzymałbyś ich
gdybyś wiedział

jak bardzo pragnęłam żyć