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Gaddafi doceniany za wspaniałą pracę... / Colonel Muammar Qaddafi praised for his excellent work...

Zanim NATO i Stany Zjednoczone zaczęły bombardować Libię, ONZ chciała nagrodzić Colonela Muammara Gaddafiego i Libijską Arabską Dżamahiriję za osiągnięcia w dziedzinie praw człowieka...

Before NATO and the U.S. started bombing Libya, the United Nations was preparing to bestow an award on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and the Libyan Jamahiriya, for its achievements in the area of human rights.

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UN Report Offers Smoking Gun Proof of NATO & U.S. Lies

What is going on in Libya ...

Tripoli: NATO amphibious operation suppressed

What is called the "storm of Tripoli," in fact, of course, a landing operation of French, British, and (probably) American special forces. One of the main goals - it is possible to say - were the leaders of Defense and the leaders of the legitimate authority. Once this is recognized even prominent and very cautious representative of the colonial ad
ministration of the Russian Federation, Mr. Kosachev, dispute this fact is impossible.

After a serious panic in Tripoli, restored order with respect to the forces of brigade Khamis al-Qaddafi, and who came to his call volunteers, as citizens and residents of rural areas. In fact, the troops performed their mission: to perpetrate the capital of the maximum bloodshed and gave the picture. Now pockets of rebellion seems to be isolated.

Rumors about the capture of Mohammed and Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, at least for the moment, should be considered fiction, neither one nor the other has not yet shown on TV, but about Muhammad at all became aware that an attempt to capture it (a group of Special Forces on a tip from correspondents Al Jazeera, who took him for an interview) had failed. In general, as it turned out, the roof of correspondents of "civilized" media (CNN about it is known exactly) based Western intelligence agents and aviakorrektirovschiki.

The Colonel is alive and with Khamis collects militia. At dawn, he - in his helmet and with a gun - found on Green Square, where, as it turns out, the rebels did not exist.

All the "civilized" journalists gave slightly reversed in the sense of fanfare. All of the leaders of "civilized" world, from Juppe and Obama to Rasmussen and Merkel are silent in a rag unanimously, without haste to declare victory, and if something out loud and express, the only requirement to the Colonel, "to leave his post." That is, there is no victory. Troopers shits and failed.

But there is nothing to rejoice: here is about to begin an emergency meeting of the UN, in which NATO is likely to be entitled to the official ground operation.

Recall the UN Security Council March 17 2011. Based on false media took an aggressive resolution 1973 and introduced the no-fly zone over Libya . To ensure no-fly zone, an arms embargo and the "Civil Protection" coalition of Western countries began March 19 in Libya, a military operation whose leadership a few days completely taken over by NATO. Since that time, NATO coalition proved to be a fascist, colonial coalition colonizers of new Crusades, violating the sovereignty of Libya against the will of the majority.

The mandate of the operation was due to expire on June 27, June 1 but extended the NATO operation in 90 days - until the end of September.

Fascist aggression of NATO was made possible by the decision of Russian President Medvedev DA, who had decided to abstain on UN Security Council Resolution 1973, thus opening the way for aggression neo-colonialists. As a result of concerted actions of President Medvedev, DA and Government of NATO member UN Security Council adopted an aggressive resolution authorizing the bombing of Libya and of sovereign interference in the internal affairs of Libya. Aggressive NATO supports a coup in Libya, is the bombing of military and civilian facilities, supplying weapons to insurgents and conducting ground operations by special commando units.

NATO's aggression in the open form is permitted by the UN and more than 5 months. During that time, bombing, shooting from helicopters, killing more than 2,600 civilians only, but many of the soldiers who are forced to defend Libya against the bandits, al-Qaeda, coalition special forces neocolonialists under fire rockets and bombing. Destroyed by government agencies, universities, businesses, housing, communications, food warehouses, factories, farms.

The international community is outraged and promises to punish the organizers and supporters of aggression. They primarily are presidents of the United States, Britain, France and NATO leaders. In the event that President Medvedev will request to allow representatives of the UN ground operation against a sovereign country, can be assumed that he came to this list.

source : http://www.facebook.com/MoamerATRIX.NeoGODafi.ReloadedRevolutions



''Joumana Karadsheh CNN correspondent in Tripoli::
The situation in Tripoli
is still uncertain, and we are still under the control of pro-Gaddafi. We are not allowed to leave the hotel. ''

Poniedziałek w Strefie Gazy spokojny ...

Jak do tej pory nie słychać żadnych eksplozji w Strefie Gazy. Informacja pochodzi sprzed trzech godzin, późiej cisza... prawdopodobnie spokój.

Al Qassam Website podsumowuje niedzielę w Gazie ...

Jedno dziecko jest w stanie krytycznym po ataku izrealskiego samolotu bojowego na grupę palestyńskich cywili w Beit Lahya w północne Streie Gazy.

Siedem innych osób zostało rannych po izraeslkim ataku na posterunak policji.

Również w niedzielę izraeslkie siły okupacyjjne otworzyły ogień do Palestyńczyka w obozie dla uchodźców Dheisha w południowej strefie Zachodniego Brzegu.

Mężczyźni rani w Betlejem po tym gdy izrealscy żołnieże najechali na dom mutiego Abdul-Majida Aty. Syn muftiego został aresztowany. Żołnierze nie dopuścili do udzielenia pomocy rannemu.