wtorek, 19 lipca 2011

Israeli aircraft in the skies of the Gaza Strip

Israeli aircraft in the skies of the Gaza Strip
According to our correspondent in Gaza City, he heard the sound of several explosions in different parts of the Gaza Strip.
He said the sounds triggered panic among the citizens.
The Israeli warplanes are flying continuously in the atmosphere of the Gaza Strip.

SOURCE : Africa to Gaza Aid Convoy

نشيد الهي قد بكيت دما عليهمl

Nasheed with English subtitles...

My Lord, I wept blood over them;

And my heart hurts as if it is broken;

I sleep with the injuries of the prisoners in my heart;

I cannot sleep, as I am the prisoner;

I feel down when I see the heroes chained by the despicable and worthless;

Imprisoned, my Lord, without a crime;

Except steadfastness that pushed them to go forth;

My Lord, the Mighty, above the people who are the definition of injustice;

My Lord, cause the world to suffocate them;

And torture them with it, as You are the Able;

And be patient, O prisoner, as you are free;

You are travelling to the Hereafter without any chains;

You will forget the long nights of pain;

It will come and go, O defiant one;

Remember that this world has many paths;

Some are easy, and some are difficult;

The gift to the heroes is that they live with honor;

And if they die: gardens and maidens…